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You have the power to Make a real difference in your spare time!

Our volunteers are the heart of The ibafrica initiative. Without them, we would not be able to continue to support the thousands of people affected by poverty.

Our humble volunteers come from a variety of different backgrounds and  social class with different skills. It is a role that almost everybody can make a valuable contribution to. You can be completely inexperienced or be at the top of your field, you are all welcome to help us empower the young people we work with.

If you are looking to support young people in your local area we have a number of volunteering opportunities for members of the community.

Join us to create real Impact.

What do volunteers gain from the ibafrica.org Initiative

As an Impact Bridges Africa volunteer, the scheme offers a flexible opportunity to support and inspire our young people through giving them first-hand exposure of what your profession entails. It is also a chance to share personal experiences and apply your skills and talents with a different audience within a new environment.



Breaking Barriers – Creating Opportunities

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Douala, Cameroon

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