About Skill Boost

Skill boost is an initiative of ibafrica.org to train young people especially the unemployed with soft and technical skills for them to create start-ups and businesses to survive in their community.


Skill Boost Initiative

Our Story

Teaching young people

From Different Backgrounds. New Skills, Entrepreneurship, Business,  & Fun! 

Entrepreneur mindset is the only key to generate employment and economic growth.

Today’s education is focused more on producing job seekers, than job creators but the critical question we+ forget to ask ourselves is , If all young people are being educated to find good jobs, where will the jobs come from.

Who will provide those jobs?.

Unemployment is one of the major problem in our country now and most youths are tired of searching and are now comfortable being unemployed so-sad.



Module Certificates

Offering certified Skill-based courses.

Online Studies

Providing access to skill-based educational materials to the under priviledged.

Striving For Creativity

Empowering young people with skills and tools to become creative.

All hope is not lost yet. There is indeed something we can do about it.

As a matter of fact, we are doing something about it.

That is why we are launching the skill boost program to transform ideas in start-ups and businesses that can create job opportunities.

 You don’t need to have an MBA or a ph.D or a Doctorate to be a job creator, to make a difference. There are many who have done it with less education or less resources.

All you need to do is to wake up and join us to build the world we want. One step at a time, one day at a time we will get there.






Why Learn With Us?


Established to boost creativity.

Our modules are to empower job creators instead of job seekers.


Creative facilitators

Creative and dedicated facilitators.


Located in the heart Cameroon.

Our location, Douala is Favorable or condusive to business concerns or interests.


Highly experienced instructors

Our instructors have high experience in their respective discipline.


Our Administration


Primos Kenah

Primos is a Design and Innovation turned social entrepreneur who believe poverty can be eradicated through investing in skill based trainings.

  • Digital Marketing

facilitator/Leadership team

Dr. Nwanbila Modest

Dr Nwanbila Modest is a medical doctor and researcher with about 5 years of experience. He currently serves as the Director and HIV/AIDs treatment center coordinator of Sub-Divisional Hospital Ashong, Batibo Health District in the North West Region of Cameroon. He is driven by his passion for health promotion, disease prevention, vocational training, community and workforce development.

  • Health Promotion
  • Research
  • WORKFORCE development

facilitator/Leadership team

Rita Maya

Rita is a procurement analyst,the founder of African child initiative and a social entrepreneur who has passion for community development and believe proverty can be eradicated through creating jobs ,vocational training.

  • Research
  • WORKFORCE development

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