Our Projects

We create Impact through Project Initiation, Execution and Volunteer Actions

Skill Boost Workshops

The Skill Boost project, an initiative by ibafrica.org is currently working on a set of best practices to support skill acquisition and development in different communities. .

Personal Branding Workshops

Youths are empowered by giving them the tools and resources to build their professional lives

Design Workshops

Young people understand design as a problem solving skills and use it to realize their projects and visions.

Business and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Young people are cultivated to adopt a business and entrepreneurial mindset so that they can become self employed and create opportunities for other young people.


BAFRICA.ORG Eco-Clean-Transforming the planet to be a cleaner and safe place without humans violating the integrity of the habitat of other species.

Clean Up Campaigns

We carryout clean up campaigns occassionally to enure a safe environment for mankind


The IBAFRICA.ORG initiative introduced the re-usable biodegradable bag project to help combat the problem of plastic waste pollution in most of our local communities.

End Plastic Pollution

We believe the problem of plastic waste can be combatted by introducing an alternative to plastic, the re-usable biodegradable bags.

Provide Job Opoortunities

Young people who help us to work on this project are guaranteed job opportunities through the production and branding of the bags

Boost Economy

With more youths being employed, our economy is boosted.


What People Are Saying

Learning a new skill increases your net worth…especially a 21st century skill such as WEB BUILDING!

Tengu Solange Essbe

Founder, Kids Hall of Talents Foundation

Thanks very much IBAFRICA.ORG, it was a previledge for me and to tell you the truth I learnt a lot and I was really inspired

Tima Conscience

Banking & Finance Student, Douala

World Youth Skills Day-Learning Photography Skills.

Always an excitement to learn something new. Skills gonna bring you to the Summit. Be a continuous learner, be ready to unlearn, relearn and learn new skills. Don’t be afraid of failure or starting back. Its part of the process.

Fanche Ynes

Participant, WYSD2019

Thank you Impact Bridges Africa for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with all these amazing people. I look forward to many more of such exchange workshops. A big thanks to Jumpstart Academy as well for the encouragement prize. #skillschangelives #WYSD2019

Noella MN

CEO, Fonj.

Thank you Impact Bridges Africa, i really did enjoyed my experience with you.

Linda Portia

Accounting Student, ESG- Douala

Thank you IBAFRICA.ORG for giving me the opportunity to share my story and inspire more youths in Cameroon.

#PasqueJeSuisAbu #MoreMothersInBusiness #USEmbYaounde #ExchangeOurWorld #YouthEmployment #TogetherWeCan #MWF2018

Ngweka A.Queen

Founder, Happy Mother, Happy Child

Thank you impact Bridges Africa for the great event that took place on World Youth Skills Day 2019.

Ngwe Millycent

Bead Maker

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