Empowering Young People Through Skill Training

We are working towards a sustainable future where young Africans can work, grow and live in while creating.


What We Do


  • We enable youths to become whatever they want to be by empowering them to be innovative, creative and self-dependent
  • We also awaken dormant talents and skills in young people and help fuel them to greater accomplishments


Creating Awareness

We engage in awareness campaigns and programs on trending issues in order to motivate and awakens youths to take prompt action for their personal and professional lives.

Quality Education

We assist in providing basic, yet standard education for poor and underprivileged children in our communities especially young girls.

Volunteer action

We encourage youths to build their capacities and network by engaging in volunteer actions in and outside their spheres of influence.

Good Health & Wellbeing

We identify neglected health issues in our communities and address them via community initiatives such as health education, provision of essential care and follow up in a bid to create awareness and create a positive change in health seeking behaviour.

Clean Water

Water is life so we are particular about communities which lack potable water where we provide our services by constructing sustainable and potable sources of water.


Our Vision

We are working towards a sustainable future where young Africans can work, grow and live in while creating

We actively participate in attaining the UNs sustainable development goals by 2030 in Africa, especially in the areas of health, education, gender equality, industry/innovation (entrepreneurship) and environmental sustainability.

We try to provide smart and lasting solutions to minor and major problems around us, through project initiation, execution and volunteer actions.

We Establish Fully Connected Systems So Youths Can Focus And Become Creative

We present young people to a variety of skill options and help them make better career decisions..


Skill Boost Program

Empowering youths through Skill training, Entrepreneurship Education and Business.



Marketing & Communication


Media & Arts Management


What People Are Saying

Learning a new skill increases your net worth…especially a 21st century skill such as WEB BUILDING!

Tengu Solange Essbe

Founder, Kids Hall of Talents Foundation

Thank you IBAFRICA.ORG for giving me the opportunity to share my story and inspire more youths in Cameroon.

#PasqueJeSuisAbu #MoreMothersInBusiness #USEmbYaounde #ExchangeOurWorld #YouthEmployment #TogetherWeCan #MWF2018

Ngweka A. Queen

Founder/Coordinator, Happy Mother Happy Child.

World Youth Skills Day-Learning Photography Skills.

Always an excitement to learn something new. Skills gonna bring you to the Summit. Be a continuous learner, be ready to unlearn, relearn and learn new skills. Don’t be afraid of failure or starting back. Its part of the process.

Fanche Ynes

Participant, WYSD2019.

Thank you Impact Bridges Africa for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with all these amazing people. I look forward to many more of such exchange workshops. A big thanks to Jumpstart Academy as well for the encouragement prize. #skillschangelives #WYSD2019

Noella MN

CEO, Fonj

Thanks very much IBAFRICA.ORG, it was a previledge for me and to tell you the truth I learnt a lot and I was really inspired

Tima Conscience

Banking and Finace, Student

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