Just imagine a situation where you are all grown up and still pass through a day with nothing for your stomach. This is what the orphan child experiences. Usually, most of them go through days only getting one meal a day and at times move out with totally nothing to eat.

Have you ever had the chance to talk with an orphan – to ask what it feels like to be an orphan above the age of 17 and the choices to make – whether to continue living in the Orphanage home or go out there and find a better life?

Just like other children with dreams, Orphan children also want to be rich and rise up in the world.

They want opportunities to learn, to become a specialist in a field and to work.

An important part of our journey is to open orphanage children who have reach a certain age to opportunities through skill based training and skills transfer.

Our team led by the London based Fashion designer, Mrs Giselle also known as Jenlyn Fashion UK, mother of Orphanage children carried out a recent survey to understand what Orphan children are going through in Cameroon and what can be done to give them a better life, especially when they have reached a certain age and can no longer stay in the Orphanage home.

Data collected from these Orphanages especially the AFRAD-OMC Orphanage New Bell shows that these children need opportunities to be integrated to live and work in society just like any other child with father and a mother.


With a very dynamic team made of top fashion designers, medical doctors, engineers, technology students and business owners, we decided to put them top priority in our skill boost program so that they too can learn skills like the Art and Crafts of sewing, web and App developments, design and print etc.

Many of these young people deserve to work and live the right way so that they don’t give up in life.  We believe an initiative like this will go a long way to empower and give hope to orphan children.

You can join us, sponsor or support our project to give the less privileged an opportunity to live better. Your humble donations will be a big source of encouragement to them.



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What it feels like to be an orphan above the age of 17 .


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