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Breaking Barriers ` Creating Opportunities

Creating a world where young people can begin to use their hands and their minds to create job opportunities through Entrepreneurship.


What We Do


We enable youths to become whatever they want to be by empowering them to be innovative, creative and self-dependent. We also awaken dormant talents and skills in young people and help fuel them to greater accomplishments



We engage in awareness campaigns and programs on trending issues in order to motivate and awakens youths to take prompt action for their personal and professional lives.




We encourage youths to build their capacities and network by engaging in volunteer actions in and outside their spheres of influence.



Skill Boost Program 2020

The Skill Boost project, an initiative by is currently working on a set of best practices to support skill acquisition and development in different communities. The importance of Skill acquisition in Cameroon cannot be overemphasized. We must necessarily put in all our energy and encourage the youths to embrace self-employment through skill acquisition. Skill acquisition is the best way youths can prepare themselves for success in their lives.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So Youths Can Focus On Acquiring Skills

To get enrolled in to the skill acquisition program, click on the link below

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Our Modules.

We believe one of the most effective ways to end poverty is to create economic opportunities through skill training programs.


digital marketing


personal branding

secretarial duties


What People Are Saying

“Learning a new skill increases your net worth especially a 21st century skill as Web Design”

Tengu Solange


“World Youth Skills Day – Learning Photography skills.

Always an excitement learning new skills. Skills gonna bring you to the submit. Be a continuous learner, be ready to unlearn, relearn. Don’t be afraid of failing or starting back, it is part of the process.”

Fanche Yness


“Thank you IBAFRICA.ORG for giving me the opportunity to share my story and inspire more youths in Cameroon”

Ngwe Millycent

Bead Maker

L“Thank you Impact Bridges Africa for giving me the opportunity to share my experience as an entrepreneur with all these amazing people. I look forward to many more of such exchange workshops. A big thanks to Jumpstart Academy Africa for the wonderful exchange prize” 

Noella Fonju

Fonj Shoes

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