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World Youth Skills Day 2019

In commemoration of World youths Skills day 2019, JumpStart Academy Africa and Youths4Change in partnership with impact Bridges Africa will be organizing a technical and vocational education and Training workshop in July15 2019

Our workshops will equip youths with the skills required to access the world of work, including the skills needed for self employment.

Skill Boost Program

The Skill boost Program is an initiative by to empower young people through skill training and skill transfer.

The Skill Boost Campaign

Ultimately inspiring young people to become the best and most authentic version of themselves.

Skill Boost Campaign

The Skill Boost project, an initiative by is currently working on a set of best practices to support skill acquisition and development in different communities.
The importance of Skill acquisition in Cameroon cannot be overemphasized.

Team Power


For us all, belonging in a team that gives you the power to use your own potential is more than anything.

- Team ibafrica

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